Naturae Dominae

Whew!!  That was a whirlwind!!

I created this piece for Lilla Rogers' 2014 Global Talent Search.  Sadly, I didn't make it into the second round, but at least I have this piece to show for it.

We were asked to create a piece of wall art based on the theme "Little Terrarium".  I opened the emailed assignment right before I was headed to bed.  After reading it I jumped right in and stayed up until the wee hours drawing.  I worked hard and fast on this one.

I decided to go with a Mother Nature theme, the title of the piece is Gaia, the Earth personified as a Greek mythological goddess.  She's the great mother of all, the creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe.  Naturae Dominae is latin for Mother Nature or Nature Lady.  Sticking with the plant theme, I liked the idea of using the latin name for her just as plants and animals also have latin names.

I played with shadows to create a diorama feeling.  I also included some photographic elements as well, some flowers on her head piece and two butterflies that I met a few weeks ago. We recently visited a walkthrough live butterfly exhibit where I photographed lots of different butterfly species that I had never seen before.  One of them, the black and orange spotted one, landed on my husband and stayed on him for the entire tour.

All in all I'm glad I participated in the Global Talent Search this year.  I had a lot of fun making my terrarium piece and I'm really happy with the final product.  I've learned a lot through this process too, I'll definitely do it again next year.  I'm gearing up to take Lilla's MATS B course this fall and looking forward to making more inspired art.

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